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FORMAL INVITATION: Saturday 15th December, Celebrating the Determination of a Fluoride Free Kuranda community 



12 December 2012

Unit 7, Stanton Place, Captain Cook Highway
PO Box 1014, Smithfield Qld 4878 

Dear Honourable Members of Government,


To:       Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) Mayor Rosa Lee Long , TRC Council CEO Ian Church
            all Tablelands Regioinal Council Councilors
             Members of Queensland Parliament Michael Trout and Shane Knuth  
To:      Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia
            Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley AC Governor of the State of Queensland
            All Commonwealth Parliament Queensland Senators and Members of the House of Representatives,
            Honourable Premier Campbell Newman
 To:     Cairns Regional Council (CRC) Mayor Bob Manning and all Cairns Regional Council Councilors
             Cassowarry Coast Regional Council Mayor Bill Shanon, all C.Coast Regional Council Councilors
            Cook Shire Council Mayor Peter Scott and all Cook Shire Council Councilors
cc:       All Queensland Government Council Offices,
             All local Far North, Tablelands and Cairns Regional Media contacts
bcc:     1833 People from our Tablelands Regional community,
            75 Local Community Interest Groups, 13 Queensland wide Community Interest Groups,
             local Businesses, community media networks and their Patrons

Advance Copy via E-mail; hard copy to follow in the post addressed to Michael Trout and Shane Knuth as Members of Parliament for our Region.


OFFICIAL INVITATION: Saturday 15th December, Celebrating the Determination of a Fluoride Free Kuranda community


To the Honourable Senators, Premier, Governor-General, State Governor, Members of Parliament, Council Mayors and respectable Councillors,

On behalf of our Tablelands community we write to you today to inform you of the official meeting and celebration that will take place on the 15th of December, 2012 in Kuranda, in regards to the recent amendments made to the Water Fluoridation Act 2008 legislation. As all Government representatives, citizens, community groups, community media networks and local media receiving this letter are officially invited to this meeting, we believe that this will be an important public event for the State of Queensland, her Government and her Local Government representation. 

Since the recent legislative change has taken immediate effect, our local Council has decided to rightfully lead by example. We as a Regional Community representation group thus feel it now is our responsibility and obligation to ensure that proper public acknowledgement and appropriate honor is given to all Government Representatives that were instrumental and responsible for ensuring that the WILL OF THE PEOPLE of Kuranda was acted upon as per the MANDATE they delivered.

Our Peoples MANDATE process started the 3rd of June 2011 in Kuranda and was delivered on July 24th 2012 in Kuranda to Local State Parliament Member Michael Trout. Supported and witnessed by our local Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Rosa Lee Long, Councilor Jenny Jensen and respected leaders in  our community, our local MP took the process of the MANDATE further.

We are pleased that our Local MP’s, Michael Trout and Shane Knuth, in the knowledge of written electorate support have whole heartedly agreed to exercise their Legal Function as a Member of Parliament, which is TO FREELY ADVISE the Queen in the government of the Country, according to the clearly expressed will of the people, on any matter or thing. This Legal Function is to legislate the will expressed by the people and we wish to thank them for honoring their Duty of Care and that of their Parliament.
We, the people, see the recent amendments made to the Fluoridation Act 2008 as a direct result of the People of Kuranda MANDATE delivery. We have made a condensed video report so you can watch the story of what happened.

We all are aware that as per Australian Constitutional Law the system of Parliament is to make laws for the people, with the clear implication that those laws will reflect the WILL of the people. On the subject matter of those laws, we have, as per those legal implications, a lawful duty and obligation to keep our Members and Senators fully informed about what our WILL is upon any issue or matter that comes before them in their Houses of Parliament, or that should come before them.

We see that all this has come to pass in the Process of our Peoples MANDATE and we wish to ensure that proper and official recognition is given to our Government for fulfilling her role in this important regional community issue and making the fluoridation of our domestic water service a local matter again.

We wholeheartedly encourage all members of Government included in this letter to raise this issue within their own Council and Legislative District. Informed consent has long been promoted as a standard in all health related policies, regulations, charters and legislation across Australia. The process of halting fluoridation in any Council is simple, the financial savings for each Council a great incentive.  The opportunity is here now for all Councils across Queensland to lead the way in the engagement process with their constituents on this issue and in that follow through on the process that has already been legislated.

As a Regional Community representation Group for Far North Queensland we see that the 15th of December Fluoride Free celebrations will become a Queensland wide community calling. Our neighboring Councils (Cairns Regional Council, Cassowary Coast Regional Council and the Cook Shire) are being engaged on this issue as we speak. Alongside all this 31 MP’s in Parliament already want fluoride out of the Queensland water and a recent public opinion poll by the Australian’ newspaper made clear that 59,84% of the people state that fluoride should be removed from Queensland water.

In all openness we now properly place before you these matters and we trust that you shall honestly, impartially, and searchingly examine these matters with unbiased judgment, and vote according to your conscience and your sense of legal responsibility. Above all we welcome you, of course, to come and celebrate with us on the 15th, either physically or in spirit.


Be sure to know that we are in great support of your work and ongoing efforts to serve the People of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Queensland as a whole. We admire the work that goes into the governance you provide us with.

We are available for communications with you on the issues expressed in this letter with you at any time convenient to your schedule [email protected] – 0488552671 -

Have an inspired day,

Sjoerd Aardema
Project Leader: Recharge Kuranda Transition Town Community Center 
Campaign Representative: Fluoride Free Kuranda Campaign
Steering group Member: Tablelands Against Fluoridation Group 
Project Coordinator: Transition Far North Queensland Network 
E: [email protected]
M: 04 88552671

Hannah Wattel (Coco Nut Mama)
Campaign Leader and Founder: Tablelands Against Fluoridation Group
Campaign Representative & Mandate coordinator: Fluoride Free Kuranda Campaign
Steering Committee Member: Kuranda and Tablelands Community Activist Network (CAN)
E: [email protected]
M: 04 05064488

Attached: Community Groups reference list and signatories:*


Friends of the Earth Kuranda (FOE), Sarah Isaacs
Kuranda Conservation, Jax Bergersen
Recharge Kuranda Community Transition Centre, Sjoerd Aardema
Kuranda & Tablelands Community Action Network (CAN), Kim Stedman
Tablelands Against Fluoridation, Hannah Wattel
Transition FNQ Network,  Scott White
Permaculture Cairns, Janet Millington
Permaculture Kuranda, Robert Virginie
RealFood Network, Chris Gloor
Atherton Tablelands Home Ed Network & Support (ATHENS), Belinda Moore
Enviro Care, Cathy Retter
Kuranda Sprouts Seedsavers, Jill and Rick
Eradicate Ecocide Campaign Action Network, Polly Higgins
L.E.T.S Kuranda, Twiggy Bently
Chemical Free Treeplanting Group Koah, Lisa
Awakening the Dreamer Changing the Dream Symposium, facilitators group FNQ, Roland Smith
Cairns Coconut Culture, Alexander Gall, Christian Luck
Ballintaggart, Bood Hickson
Para Pachamama Spiritual Centre, Melissa Schulz
Frog Decline Reversal Project (FDR), Deborah Pergolotti
Tablelands Lightworkers’ Circle, Clive Walters
Mums & Dads Playgroup Kuranda
Kuranda Homeschool Group, Lisa Hart
Kuranda Community Peace Gardens, Matthew Marsh
Cairns and District Beekeepers Association, Trish Green
Co-creating a Fluoride-Free Queensland, John Ackland, Atherton
Malanda Drum Circle, Clive Walters
Propa Earth Biodynamic Consultancies, Wayne Rankine
Kuranda Coffee Republic, Owners Michael & Belinda , Staff and Patrons
The Herbal Gypsy, Malanda, Owners Jenny & Gary, Staff and Patrons
Bamboo Solutions FNQ, Rob Swain Jules Hartmann
Malanda Drumming Circle, Clive Walters
Yungaburra Drumming Circle, Elizabeth Moldenhauer
Kuranda Drumming Circle, Coco Nut Mama
Alternative Technology Association, Daryl Douglas
Whole Foods Up North Co-Op, Henny Beckert
Malanda Spiritual Awareness Group
Movies That Matter, Malanda - Scott White
Homeschoolers, Hayley Buchanen
Prevention is Cure, Emma Lodge
Kuranda Community Hub Bread Club, Roland Smith
My Habitat Products, Malanda, Carmel Pacey
Just Gorgeous, Jill and Luke Melody

* this reference list is still growing and is likely to increase significantly as more groups are still signing on. More info:

Fluoride Free Kuranda Festival on the 15th of December 2012


 Saturday, December 15, 2012


9:00am until 4:00pm


Original Rainforest Markets Kuranda

YOU, YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS are invited to join and make happen the Celebration of our shared community success!

We are dreaming up an amazing day and hope you will bring your gifts to it.


- Local Musicians that will play at the different music spaces,
- Kids activities people, face painters, balloon benders :) basket weavers and more.
- friendship bringing, plate sharing, energy support, helping hands in building and helping organize the overall day.

This is a Together Festival by and for our amazing community that TOGETHER with the strong support of active lobby groups like Tablelands Against Fluoridation, Community Action Network, Kuranda Conservation and Friends of the Earth Kuranda helped to ensure that our Council knew it was fully supported, that our local MP's were given our Peoples Mandate. 

Everyone, especially families and children. We are inviting all TRC Councillors, the Mayor and the local MP's Shane and Micheal and his whole team, we're calling out all LOCAL MEDIA (it has already been noted in the papers, but we want TV, Radio and more to come and document a community celebrating Together their success on such a huge topic) We also wish to honor and acknowledge all the different key people of the community and the different community groups.

the whole Original Markets will be alive with music, families, dance, play, drums, art and play. Come to the Original Markets, Community Peace Gardens, Sweet leaf, Recharge Kuranda, the whole original village.

Saturday the 15th of December 
(the New National Day of Resillient Connected Community this year celebrating a Fluoride Free Kuranda)

We need soem people commiting to some goodness being brought in. RealFoods is sponsoring fresh fruits, Sweet leaf is chipping in as are many other places in the market.

YES< put your dreaming caps on and bring more goodness and creativitry to this festival. Fudraise, get sponsorsship from local business. Before we know it after the weekend we'll have flyers and posters up (with help of course)

Think Everything Community. How about a community Garage Sale, community drumming, fresh food sharing in the community soup kitchen and more and more.

SPREAD THE WORD - the dreamers of this festival say:




Successfully Funded: Yarrabah Elder Gathering Crowdfunder



THANK YOU, Thank you Thank you! Your financial support to the Yarrabah Permaculture Crowdfunder became a success! So here is some news and more gratitude for making it possible for us to do all the work we did without it costing us more then our physical energy!

From the We the Trees Site:

WOW! We did it… the cause got completed and the Permaculture project out at Yarrabah was a huge success it made the Gathering the gathering and so an enormous hands up to all those actively involved in the sourcing of the materials, trucking the materials, shipping, carting, building  measuring, digging, cutting, brushing, easing, flexing, coping, tracking, coordinating, expertising and more and more of many skills were used in the whole process of building the Project the way we did.


many seeds were indeed sown and Permaculture is a word now know in the community of Yarrabah, certainly all the elders know about it and more projects are on the dream line for 2013. We are actively connected with the PBC of Yarrabah and are furthering conversations on different levels about next years projects, community help, garden expansions etc etc.

REALLY , this cause caused a whole ripple of great nature and the effects of your contributions will be known for a long while into the future!


More updates to come in early 2013 as we will further the dream seeds that were planted during the Elder Gathering. We hope you will be part of the dreaming now and then.


Permaculture Crew Members of the Yarrabah Elder Gathering


Deeper Causes affected through your energy:

because of your generosity and believing in our cause much more than just accommodation was build we actually managed to provide the overall infrastructure for this Gathering to be held in full and with that so much more deeper, cultural, spiritual work was enabled. For this we thank you also, because it is what we do on the ground that enables the experiences and exchanges to take place in the way they did.

Without the financial support we would have not be able to come away from Yarrabah and feel so UPLIFTED and INSPIRED.


Because of our many involvements in so many differently projects, groups, networks, relationships and so on, (in short Permaculture in Nature) we are dreaming up a whole new multi faceted educational sharing platform that encompasses all aspects of the Recharge Kuranda Community Transition hub AND makes that MOBILE. Yes, on four wheels.

It's been dreamseeded at the Gathering and furthered in so many peoples dream visions. To have a bus, a caravan of Permaculture Crew travelling, sharing, planting, blitzing, showcasing, bringing and inspiring communities LIKE Yarrabah to reconnect, restore, re grow, re activate, Re charge  their connection to Food, gardens, seeds, needs and want from a Permaculture dreaming way.

We have often referred amongst friends and family to the Realfood Train that travels from farmers gates to community market places, bringing the foods and philosophy (if you wish) of buying local, eating local, growing local and organic and the plethora of benefits that shoot off from that once we actively support this. That train is already running, every week. We want to collaborate with these guys and jump on the back of this train/ truck of integral high impact community food delivery service AND while travelling with them to these market places we share Permaculture teachings, share and activate the plant gardens, share the message of seed saving, inspire and advocate for important community causes and in a NUTshell : Create a community based and operated "Biodynamic Permaculture Seed sharing Media RealFood Tourbus"  that travels on a weekly bases to Yarrabah (and all other existing RFN serviced communities) to bring fresh food, real skills and inspiration in a model that is integral financially viable and having the potential to make a REAL difference! 

What do you think? is this NUTS or what.. well you helped us dreaming this far because of your believing in us and what we wished to do for Yarrabah, we eventually got to this stage.

I am sure we will talk wildly about it in a few months. We are planning to Transition, permaculture and Realfood knowingness further and thus do our share to bring into being the New Earth.

Connected, grateful and inspired!

Thank you for believing in us all!

Cheers from us all!



World's indigenous leaders converge on Yarrabah for Cairns eclipse

Bianca Keegan

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

© The Cairns Post


<strong>Eyes on the eclipse: </strong>Elder Bob Patterson says he is honoured to share his land and stories with more than 120 indigenous leaders who will converge on a Yarrabah beach to mark next week's solar eclipse. Picture: STEWART McLEAN.

Eyes on the eclipse: Elder Bob Patterson says he is honoured to share his land and stories with more than 120 indigenous leaders who will converge on a Yarrabah beach to mark next week's solar eclipse. Picture: STEWART McLEAN.

ELDER Bob Patterson says he is honoured to share his land and his stories with more than 120 indigenous leaders who will converge on a Yarrabah beach to mark the eclipse.

The Australia-first will see indigenous leaders from the Pacific Islands, North and South America, Japan and the Philippines camp at Wungu Beach from Saturday for a five-day global elders gathering.

The invitation-only event is historic, says Gurubuna clan elder Uncle Bob, who is from one of three clans in the Gungandji tribe who came together in a bid to restore indigenous culture for the younger generation.

"I feel honoured because today we have a lot of problems in the world and the government can't fix most of it," he said.

"I believe it is up to us, the people of the nations, to help restore what we had before."

There will be four forums at the gathering, addressing issues for elders, young leaders, men's business and women's business, Uncle Bob said. "There will be dancers and we will have all the elements, fire and water, and I'll be telling my story that is relevant to the eclipse."

The indigenous leaders will camp in tents made from bamboo and tarps, which are being set up by Rare Earth Foundation members who are facilitating the summit.

"This has never happened before. It is a great promotion for Yarrabah.

"My goal is to pass on the message to people of the world that we've got to make changes and we've got to do it now.

"At this gathering we need to get all the questions and answers together."

The invitation-only event is not open to the public but is expected to draw more than 600 people next Wednesday for the eclipse.

Chairman for the Prescribed Body Corporate committee Ricco Noble said land rights, support groups and closing the gap would be on the agenda.

Rare Earth founder Meleuka Morton-Masterman said around 25 volunteers had travelled from interstate and internationally to help with the event.

She said a film crew would be recording the eclipse event, forum and indigenous stories to create a digital message stick.

"It's time to come together to celebrate all of our positive wins and take a moment to remember where we have come from." 


A dedicated mixed crew of Permaculture Kuranda, Cairns, Townsville and the JCU Permaculture Society members have taken on a request to assist the Traditional Owners and indigenous community of Yarrabah to design, develop and build according to Permaculture Principles the infrastructure and accommodation structures for all the people attending the elder gathering in November of 2012 on Wungu Beach, Yarrabah, Far North Queensland, Australia

On November the 15th a Solar Eclipse is taking place over Far North Queensland. the Council of Elders of Yarrabah have called for a gathering of elders and are asking the global and local community to assist them to bring this gathering into full expression.

We are honoured to be asked to bring Permaculture to the Yarrabah community for this event and we call on you to help us offset the cost logistics, sourcing of materials and equipemnt that is involved in this unique project.






"This was more than we expected", across the Tablelands 3 Townships' parks were Occupied by peaceful members of our broader community. together with their Councilors, MP's and Mayor we all came together to "change the Dream." Now we  do not only have openness and support on behalf of our TRC and MP's to forge forward as a connected community, we have proven that our VOICE is STRONG and our MANDATE is heard: Undo Fluoridation in our Waters, it is un ethical, un constitutional and least important yet significant to some un economical. --> Go to Latest News


Please become an informed part of our MANDATE, download or READ MORE on the Constitutional Rights and Duty upon which our MANDATE is Based. --> Go to Peoples Mandate Page

Also we are now furthering the agenda with our Council and Local M.P.'s to undo fluoridation all together in the TRC Region. THANK YOU for supporting our Cause and Voice your concerns. Keep siging the Mandate online:



 Thank you everyone for your ongoing concern , support and activism for this cause. Especially a great thank you to Hannah who has held the space for this cause since the first mention of Mandatory Fluoridation was shared in the TRC region.
Visit the Fb group:

SIGN the mandate:


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Recharge Kuranda
c/o Sjoerd Aardema
30 BarronFalls Road
Kuranda, 4881

calling for positive change: action required

This community campaign is made possible by everyone's participation. Yet we would specifically like to thank:

(Your Mandate Letters are available at:)

- Kuranda Health and Healing 
 - Speewah Mini mart 
-Kuranda Tyre and Mechanical 
- Dangles ‘n Didges,(Dwayne & Hannah)
- Kuranda Coffee Republic
- Kuranda WholeFoods Store
-Kuranda Conservation 

- Sign the mandate letter at one of the locations listed below.
Share this information with your friends, families and co- workers. 

Take Action. Get more MANDATE SHEETS and door-knock in your area, street or meeting group.

As a community
we CAN stop the government putting Sodium Fluoride into our water supply. The solution is so simple that only our laziness will prevent us from stopping it. Especially once we know the facts and science proving the in-effectiveness of fluoride in our towns water we can take quick, simple and real action.

By putting our names to a “MY WILL LETTER” (which is our lawful duty and obligation as electors),we have the power to create a peoples mandate.

When the majority or 51% of the people in the affected area take the time to sign the “MY WILL LETTER” we are effectively instructing the government of our will and they must listen.

A democratic government must obey the people they represent.

Professionals call out to halt Fluoridation

  Dr Andrew Harms BDS (Adel) SA (Past President, Australian Dental Assn. S.A.)
“Water fluoridation is out dated and unsafe. Decay rates have declined in developed countries for the past 35 years with or without water fluoridation. The disclosure recently that the fluoridation chemicals include 1ppb arsenic has shocked me. The Australian Dental Association has failed to take seriously the health risks raised in the NRC 2007 Report. The recent warning bulletin issued by the American Dental Association for mothers NOT to use fluoridated water to reconstitute infant formula should not be ignored. Fluoride is not a miracle. 50% of the fluoride ingested is retained in the body, especially in the bones. When the rates of tooth decay are corrected for the one year delay in (permanent) tooth eruption the myth of fluoridation is exposed... In 2005 the EPA (USA) Unions, representing thousands of scientists and toxicologists, issued a petition to Congress to stop water fluoridation immediately. (Read More on this Project)

Nicole Foss coming to FNQ.


Members of the Transition FNQ Network are launching a community outreach project to help fund Nicole Foss' tour in the Far North region. It was found that the many cost incured should in this time of social and economic transition not be carried by one group or a few individuals. "It is time that we enable our entire community to partake in the funding of these important community causes. When we share and open up the opportunities for others to contribute and partake in making events like this happen we are truly working towards a broader levels of community resilience and that is exactly what we need to start doing right now."  says Sjoerd Aardema who leads the Transition Community Center Initiatve in Kuranda.

People are invited to share amongst their networks, friends and family the calling for a community based support effort to bring Nicole Foss' tour a greater success. People are given the opportunity to donate and invite other to this unique cause. The Transition FNQ Network has been looking to consolidate the shared efforts that so many different groups and networks in our region are working towards continuously and they are hoping that through this tour a real network of connections will be established. (read more)

Official opening of mural

 At Recharge Kuranda Kuba Fiedorowicz has been working for months on one of his biggest artworks, the Mural; Family of Light. On December the 3rd we will have an official opening of this magnificent artwork! Combined with artworkshops, community soup kitchen, live music, family fun and films we are gearing up to one of the greatest celebrations since the launch of Recharge Kuranda as a Transition Community Hub. (Read More) 

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