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Posted by Sjoerd Aardema on September 12, 2012 at 2:00 AM

A dedicated mixed crew of Permaculture Kuranda, Cairns, Townsville and the JCU Permaculture Society members have taken on a request to assist the Traditional Owners and indigenous community of Yarrabah to design, develop and build according to Permaculture Principles the infrastructure and accommodation structures for all the people attending the elder gathering in November of 2012 on Wungu Beach, Yarrabah, Far North Queensland, Australia


On November the 15th a Solar Eclipse is taking place over Far North Queensland. the Council of Elders of Yarrabah have called for a gathering of elders and are asking the global and local community to assist them to bring this gathering into full expression.


We are honoured to be asked to bring Permaculture to the Yarrabah community for this event and we call on you to help us offset the cost logistics, sourcing of materials and equipemnt that is involved in this unique project.


Together with the Yarrabah Community we:

- Build Bamboo Accommodation. We will build all required shelter structures from locally sourced Bamboo and recycle add banners. Our ground crew attended a 2 day training weekend with "Bamboo Solutions" teachers Rob and Jules, to get ourselves skilled up and ready to share the learned skills with the community. (see photos)


- Beach front restoration. We aim to re vegetate with locally propagated native bush and beach plant species the beach front of the gathering site. This is coastal restoration project that we will do together with the Yarrabah community.


- Site design, infrastructure and bush food gardens:

= We work together with the organizers to design the gathering site so it its use is most efficient, cost is reduced and functionality maximized.


= Compost toilets, solar showers. it is all on the list of Bamboo Building projects for this event. Many hands make light work but there will be cost involved that's why we call on you to help us reduce the costs that we will encounter.


= The Council of Elders wants to get the younger generation involved again in food growing, knowing their bush foods and want to use permaculture design and techniques to work best in their coastal environment. We say: that is amazing! Let's grow a community based bush foods and native foods garden from permaculture principles and make it so that its use and growth is continued after the gathering.



This is a free energy event, where everyone is donating their time and energy to ensure this gathering can take place. We aim to source as many materials, tools and needs from the local crowd but we need support beyond that.


The international community can help by offsetting the cost involved in this unique project. We are calling out for financial or in kind support to cover logistics, sourcing of materials and equipment. Our dedicated Permaculture FNQ Crew will work for free and while integrating Permaculture principles into this gathering.






Donna, Lisa, Toneille, Robert, Sjoerd, Blake, Leon, Rob and Jules, Roland, Victor, Shane and Kylie, Brock, Allistar, Sarah Jane, Fren and the Council of Elders from Yarrabah.

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