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The frustration many Australians feel about our judicial system can be overwhelming and often frightening with the seemingly tyrannical power of some governmental agencies and the mystifying and awesome power of the courts. We have been taught that we must "get a good lawyer," but that is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible. If we are defending ourselves from the government, we find that the lawyers quickly take our money, and then tell us as the ship is sinking, "I can't help you with that - I'm an officer of the court."

Ultimately, the only way for us to have even a "snowball's chance …" is to understand the RULES OF THE GAME, and to come to an understanding of the true nature of the Law. The attorney lawyers have established and secured a virtual monopoly over this area of human knowledge by implying that the subject is just too difficult for the average person to understand, and by creating a separate vocabulary out of English words of otherwise common usage. While it may, at times, seem hopelessly complicated, it is not that difficult to grasp - are lawyers really as smart as they would have us believe? Besides, anyone who has been through a legal battle against the government with the aid of a lawyer has come to realize that lawyers learn about procedure, not about law. The teachers below have a way of explaining law to us that puts it well within our reach. Consider also that the framers of the Constitution wrote in language simple enough that the people could understand, specifically so that it would not have to be interpreted.

So again we find, as in many other areas of life, that "THE BUCK STOPS HERE!" It is we who must take the responsibility for finding and putting to good use the TRUTH. It is we who must claim and defend our God-given rights and our freedom from those who would take from us. It is we who must protect ourselves, our families and our posterity from the inevitable intrusion into our lives by those who live parasitically off the labor, skill and talents of others.


The World Freeman Society is a society standing under common law, To build a fair and just society standing purely under common law. 

Did You Know?

Society is not a prison and government is not your warden.

You are not the name in your ID Book, Passport or Birth Certificate.

A statute is a "legislated rule of society".

Legaly, a society requires "mutual consent" in order for you to be a member of it.

Failing "mutual consent" you can leave your current society at any time and this does not mean leaving the land of your birth. 

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