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Transition Enabling Act explained and discussed with TRC Members. Polly Higgins in FNQ.

Polly Higgins attending the TRC Community Planning Summit

Last year during Earth Lawyer and Barrister Polly Higgins' stay in FNQ we held private and public discussions with members of our TRC. Polly Higgins attended the Community Planning Summit and spoke, like Sjoerd Aardema did, about the Transition Enabling Act that would help Council over-arch, by pass and or defer through means of a piece of local Legislation, the Mandatory Fluoridation Legislation laid on by State Government.  

What are Enabling Acts?

Yes we like to do our home work. 

An enabling act is a piece of legislation by which a legislative body grants an entity which depends on it for authorization or legitimacy the power to take certain actions. For example, enabling acts often establish government agencies to carry out specific government policies in a modern nation. The effects of enabling acts from different times and places vary widely and can be applied to local as well as Nationwide issues.

An enabling Act is a Legislative Enactment enabling or empowering a person or corporation to take certain actions. In which case our TRC is a corporation and so there is much room for basic legislation to be drafted and acted upon to halt the fluoridation of our town waters.

ENABLING ACTS - the Foundation Stones of the Australian Federation of Colonies
Australia has itself has been founded on Enabling Acts and Queensland itself introduced their Enbling Act on the 4th of November in 1899. (Read More)

There are well over 2400 Legal Legislative Documents, Bills, Acts and Laws in Australia that were based on Enabling Acts or were directly related to the Enabling Acts supporting new, temporarily or permanent law to come into place. (Read More)

Transition Enabling Acts as per the Peoples Declaration:

As mentioned in section 8 from the Peoples Declaration the Transition Enabling Acts would be written and passed to ensure: "enabling provisions to be put in place, which embed presumptions which favour as the main priority the health and well-being of both the people and their land. "

Download the Full "Peoples Declaration" here.

"Transition Enabling Acts: Acts to give transitioning communities certain powers to take the necessary measures they require to successfully transition. To transition communities to a non-fossil fuel dependent, resilient and flourishing economy will require certain enabling provisions to be put in place, which embed presumptions which favour as the main priority the health and well-being of both the people and their land. For true resilience to be achieved, the intrinsic values of ecological and community well-being are the bedrock of a Transition Enabling Act. " (Read the entire Peoples Declaration online here)


It's been long and coming and has been worked on since Polly Higgins made first mention of it during our Council meetings in 2011. 

We hope to have the General Transition Enabling Act Draft Document online before the middle of July 2012.

After completion and community agreement of its premise we will engage our local Council on the issue of the Transition Enabling Act

please contact [email protected] for the DRAFT document.

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